Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The week in pictures and video

Call it creativity. Call it a change of pace. Call it a combination of lack of time and abundance of laziness. Call it whatever you want, but this week's post is the week in picture and/or video form. Click the links to match the headlines with their visual counterparts!

Sure Hillary Clinton is tough. But does she have the balls to take it to the rack on Psycho T?

Dolphins elect to not trade Taylor in Draft. Taylor, however, elects to trade dignity.

I pity the fool who said the Sixers would get swept!

What? You think just because a guy's name is Zaza he can't start some shit?!

Okay, we suck again. Someone tell Van Gundy he can have his job back.

I can't wait to pen a trash-talking, French rap about making the Suns my bitches!

Boy, I sure hope Al Davis offers performance bonuses for amount of children sired!

Maybe the best way to intimidate LeBron is with professional wrestler-like entrances.

That's right. Let's just both pretend to be proud of holding this jersey and get it over with.

Most Improved Player. Least Improved Face.

Yeah I smoke weed, so what? Wait... when did we lose the series?! I have no idea what's goin' on...

What's that you feel? The shame of a sweep?

All I really want is to embarrass the Knicks as much as is humanly possible.

You bet your ass I'm happy, all I have to do is not run a sordid ring of unfathomable animal cruelty and they'll love me!

Sure I'll paint myself blue, but there's no way I'm paying twent-five bucks for the Super Bowl t-shirt. I'm no idiot.

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