Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This just in...

Jake Long is a number 1 pick
Taking a massive step down on the animal coolness scale, from Wolverine to Dolphin, offensive lineman Jake Long and the Miami Dolphins officially reached an agreement to make him the first overall selection of the 2008 NFL Draft on Tuesday. Is this the right pick for Miami? Only time will tell. All I know is that any move that allows for me to use this picture again, seems like the right move to me.

While it is obvious Long may not be the most talented overall player in the draft, he certainly seems like a logical fit for the Dolphins. With Bill Parcells essentially running the show now in Miami you can bet the Dolphins will likely become a run-first offense, and with talented all-purpose back Ronnie Brown coming out of the backfield bolstering their pathetic offensive line became priority one.

Finishing at 1-15 last year, however, implies the Fins might just have a few more needs they’ll want to address at some point as well. Just a suggestion, let’s not hope for one OT to turn it all around.

Chris Paul is the man
After taking a commanding 2-0 lead in their best of seven first round playoff against the Dallas Mavericks, the New Orleans Hornets have shown they may just have all they need to be a contender… Chris Paul.

The 6-foot point guard has played like an absolute giant in the first two playoff games of his career, running opponents ragged and making an absolute mockery of the Mavs defense. Paul became the first player in the history of the NBA to put up consecutive performances of at least 30 points and 10 assists in his first two post-season appearances (35/10 in game 1, 32/17 in game 2!).

This guy has poise the likes of which is rarely seen in any sport. He seems completely unafraid to take any shot while also completely able to free himself up for those opportunities. His precision dishes allow for an obscene amount of open looks for teammates and his wrist-flick alley oops have made Tyson Chandler look like Dr. J.

Not only does Paul have my vote for MVP this year, but I also vote they change his position on next year’s Topps card from Point Guard to Point God.

The Jackass doesn’t fall far from the tree
It is year one of Hank Steinbrenner’s run as ego numero uno in the Yankees front office, and he is already mouthing off to everyone who will listen. After a mediocre 10-10 start (with a very difficult schedule along with some injuries mind you) Steinbrenner voiced his opinion on Joba Chamberlain becoming a starter: Anyone who wouldn’t start this kid is an idiot.

Newsflash Hank… you’re an idiot. Putting into question the authority of your first year coach 20 games into the season isn’t exactly the best way to unite an organization. And making the switch from reliever to starter isn’t exactly flipping a switch either. Joba has been in the bullpen for quite some time now, so making that transition would inevitably take time as well. Time he’d likely have to spend in the minors while the Yanks would be forced to look elsewhere in the bullpen to get through the late innings.

Chamberlain has absolutely filthy stuff, no question. The temptation to see him as a starter is absolutely justified, but don’t just yap that to the media in a hissyfit. This comes down to Hank being upset that the Yankees young starters have had shaky starts and he wanted to begin this year with Johan Santana on the mound (who has only started 2-2 himself with the Mets, by the way).

We all know you want to be the Big Bad Boss just like Daddy was Hank, but don’t forget all those years in the middle of his run when the Boss’s mighty Yankees were a perennial non-factor. There are certain footsteps you may be wise not to follow.

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