Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2009 NBA Draft Analysis

With the NBA draft only a day away, we're running out of time to give you our very own brand of analysis for the top prospects for the '09 class. Sure, any sports site can tell you that so and so can shoot the lights out, or that such and such a point guard has Steve Nash-like passing skills, but is that really enough? Not for the true fan. So take a look at our truly in-depth breakdown of the hottest players on the market, in Errant Balls' 2009 NBA Draft Analysis.

Blake Griffin
Positives- Strength and athleticism have him NBA ready now... Will immediately be a draw for crowds... Apparently is happy to play for the Clippers (jump on this before he realizes which LA team you are!)
Negative- Severe concussion suffered last season could be the motivator behind his eagerness to join the Clippers tradition
Where should he go?- Whether he really wants to or not, Blake Griffin is going to be a Clipper. It has been made abundantly clear that there will be no suspense when it comes to this year's first overall pick. So where should he go? Probably to those self-help meetings held at Michael Olowokandi's house titled: I'm a Clipper, and I'm going to be okay...

Ricky Rubio
Positives- Pro experience overseas has given him toughest competition possible... At the age of 18 he still has a ton of upside... "Pistol" Pete Maravich haircut allows him to be a true creator with the ball in his hands
Negative- Might just be a tanner version of "White Chocolate" Jason Williams
Where should he go?- It's tough to say where Rubio truly should go in this draft. He could be taken anywhere from 2-6 and could easily find himself in Memphis, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, or Minnesota. All possibilities of which I'm sure the young guard is thrilled about. In the end, it's just a shame that Las Vegas doesn't have a pro team, because that is the town where Ricky belongs. Just say his name out loud and tell me you couldn't see throngs of tourists living it up at the luxurious Ricky Rubio Hotel and Casino.

Hasheem Thabeet
Positives- Shot blocking prowess will make immediate defensive impact... Raw physical build gives room for improvement... 7'3" stature adds possibility that he may be the next Greg Oden
Negative- ... he may be the next Greg Oden
Where should he go?- In all likelihood it seems that the Grizzlies would be wise to lock Thabeet up with the number 2 pick. The Grizz haven't had a true inside presence since they traded Pau Gasol for a bushel of potatoes, and could really use a big man to shore up their defense. And on the upside for Thabeet, he'll have a few years to improve his game in Memphis before GM Chris Wallace trades him to a title contender for sixpence and a plowing ox.

Stephen Curry
Positives- Easily the purest shooter in the draft... Dad Dell Curry proves he has the NBA pedigree... Boyish appearance will allow him to sneak into opponent's practices under the guise of an autograph seeker
Negative- Teammates may be distracted by his hot mom in the stands
Where should he go?- The Knicks showed a ton of interest in Curry right off the bat, and true to form, cast a light on exactly why other teams should take a good hard look at him. Thanks to their generosity and open drooling over Curry, they have all but assured he won't land in New York. Nice job dipsh*ts. So while he should have gone to the big city, look for Steph to land in either Minnesota or Sacramento.

Tyreke Evans
Positives- Quintessential freshman talent who could have made the jump straight from high school... Short Memphis tenure had him learning much under John Calipari... It should be at least a full season before his fraudulent SAT's and free family flight allegations come to light
Negative- Conference USA experience may have him convinced every team aside from his is nothing more than a whipping post
Where should he go?- Evans is another guy who could go anywhere from 3-8. His tough build and slashing ability make him an interesting prospect for all the teams involved. But we'll guess he winds up in Minnesota, under the assumption that by the time the draft rolls around the Wolves will have traded for the rights to picks 2-21.

Tyler Hansbrough
Positives- Could easily be called the hardest working player in the draft... Toughness on the boards will add to any team lacking in the paint... Eyes are wide enough to provide great court vision, and the ability to see what will happen up to three plays in advance
Negative- Game-winning shot celebrations are not NBA ready
Where should he go?- Plain and simple, Tyler Hansbrough belongs on the Utah Jazz. Look at him... look at them. Tyler's workmanship and all out effort would fit perfectly with Jerry Sloan's tough guy style, and the raucous Utah crowds would go batty for his ferocious play in the key. This would be the most logical pickup of the sports year... that is until the Cincinnati Bengals sign Plaxico Burress.

Brandon Jennings
Positives- Decision to skip college and play overseas proves he's anxious for the NBA... Has looked promising in preseason workouts alongside Steph Curry and Gerald Henderson... 7.6 ppg average in Euroleague action should translate to 3.1 ppg in the NBA, instant production baby
Negative- 80's style Gumby haircut makes him the most likely candidate to show up to the draft dressed like the ghost of Bernie Mac
Where should he go?- Jennings is a tough player to place, because if he drops past the Knicks at 8 he could take a huge draft day slide. But for now, let's say he's the type of pick that is destined for New York. He has the athleticism and upside to tempt them just enough... along with the downside and complete bust possibility to be the next perfect "I can't believe we took this friggin' guy instead of..." pick for the Knicks (see: Renaldo Balkman over Rajon Rondo in '06).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The sports star Twitter feed

Everyone has seen and heard about the mad craze that is Twitter. While Facebook and Myspace clearly cannot supply us with a sufficient amount of inane detail on the lives of others, Twitter can do just that. After all, how would any of my loyal followers get through the day without knowing my every move and receiving essential minute to minute updates on my activity like:

just left the house after dropping a wicked deuce... pretty sure i was a few wipes short! :O
about 1 hour ago from twitterberry

And as all of you sports nuts know, Twitter has become a huge hit with professional athletes. Guys like Shaquille O'Neal and Chris Bosh says it gives them a chance to interact on a more personal level with fans. And the fans have obliged with over 1 million and almost 25,000 following the two respectively (ouch, maybe a few dropped Bosh after Shaq called him the RuPaul of big men).
In any case, it has come to our attention that not everyone is fully aware of what they are missing on Twitter. So it is with great pleasure that we use the infinite insider hook ups of Errant Balls to give the fans an exclusive look at the juciest Twitter posts of some of the biggest names in sports today... enjoy!

Manny Ramirez
feelin great about this season so far, i love LA!
11:46 AM May 5th from web

cant believe im out for 50 games for that! i thought it was allowed now that arod admitted it
9:32 PM May 9th from web

enjoying my time off, got back into collecting pogs and traded for a sweet kung fu panda slammer today!
7:52 PM June 1st from Twitterberry

Kobe Bryant
just finished off melo and the nuggets, headed to the finals again! glad to be out of denver tho, theyre not very nice...
11:01 PM May 29th from web

magic johnson just asked me if winning w/o shaq would be more special. like i needed shaq... wtf? lmfao!!!
5:26 PM June 1st from Twitterberry

watching tape of dwight howard, thinking we should just bring adam morrison in to dropkick him in his supersized sack
12:43 AM June 3rd from web

Tom Brady
just had first practice back, knee is feeling great... theres nothing i cant do!
6:12 PM May 27th from Twitterberry

just ran full speed up to a cop and grabbed his gun, when he saw who i was he chuckled jovially and took my pic... theres nothing i cant do!
2:29 PM May 31st from Twitterberry

just told gisele to shut up and make me a sandwich... seriously... theres NOTHING i cant do!
12:03 PM June 3rd from web

Shaquille O'Neal
cant believe its a magic-lakers final. neither can win without the diesel tho, predicting a tie
1:21 AM May 31st from web

kobe told magic johnson i couldnt have won without him... omg! wtf? LMFAO!!!
11:57 PM June 2nd from web

thinking of pulling a sacha baren-cohen on kobe at the finals so he can really tell the world how my ass tastes
10:33 AM June 3rd from web

LeBron James
completely shocked we're going home, expected the world this season
12:34 AM May 31st from Twitterbug

sorry i didnt shake hands after the game, but i poop my pants when severely devastated. the world didnt need to see that
11:47 AM June 1st from web

that kobe-lebron muppet commercial where he breaks my balls about championship rings is really starting to piss me off!
8:13 PM June 2nd from Twitterberry

John Calipari
sorry to hear about the troubles at memphis, but totally focused on UK
8:16 AM May 23rd from web

shouldve known derek rose's 1600 SAT was too good to be true
10:52 PM May 31st from web

had no idea derek's brother was catching free flights on us, thought that kid was a flight attendant
1:21 PM June 1st from Twitterberry

Carlos Beltran
supposed to finally get in the game tonite, cant wait to take down pittsburgh!
3:02 PM June 2nd from web

just yacked my brains out all over d-wrights cleats... stuck in the bathroom :*(
6:17 PM June 2nd from Twitterberry

missed 3 games now w/ this stomach virus. pretty sure the pirates gave me scurvy
11:21 PM June 2nd from web