Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The week in links

Thanks to a trip to Yankee Stadium to see Joba, Mo and the Yanks blow a game they should have easily won, time is at a premium this week. So take a look over the biggest stories, pictures and videos from the past week in the easiest form I can present them... sarcastic lines with links to other people's work.

- Olympic runner's new world record doesn't count as he was aided by too much tailwind and his own desperation to outrun brutal childhood mockery of his name.

- All-Star guard Baron Davis opts out of the last year of his contract with Golden State Warriors. "It was just time for me to leave Oakland, " said Davis, "I mean why do you think I wore that ridiculous prop beard? So when I removed it off-court I wouldn't be recognized, beaten, and robbed daily."

- Upstart Tampa Bay Rays have the best record in baseball, looking forward to their family and friends actually accepting the comped tickets they are offered.

- Shock rocks the Cycling world when Landis' loss of 2006 Tour De France is declared "still a loss."

- Lottery pick O.J. Mayo's genuine smile evidence that he is clearly ecstatic about prospect of leaving southern California for Minnesota.

- Red Sox outfielder Ramirez's erratic behavior continues in altercation with team's traveling secretary, hoping "Manny being Manny" will eventually hold up in court.

- Spain wins Euro 2008 title, lawless rioting ensues as they immediatley kidnap old man in frenzied celebration.

- 2008 NBA Draft yields odd picks as LA Clippers draft waiter, Phoenix Suns break years of animation discrimination, draft Sideshow Bob (draft portrait).

- Hall of Fame immediately accepts *asterisk HR ball upon hearing news that Barry Bonds will boycott if they elect to display it.

- Warren Sapp is going to follow in the footsteps of other football giants, likely to perform truffle shuffle on Dancing with the Stars.

- Unusual pairing at Buick Open Pro-Am forces first ever suspension of play to hose vomit off of putting surfaces.

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